Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Participants have reported that they got the most from their FAIC OnLine course if they:
  • are motivated and self-disciplined
  • can build course time into their weekly schedule from the beginning
  • are comfortable communicating in writing
  • are willing to try different learning environments
  • are willing to draw on their own experiences
  • are willing to help others learn and to learn from others
  • have the computer skills to participate in all course activities
Is this for you?

Take this short quiz and find out if an FAIC OnLine course might be a good fit for your learning preferences.  You can "test" yourself with the questions below.  Total your score, then look at our  recommendations at the bottom of the page.

Instructions: Write down the number in the response column that best describes you. Then add up  your numbers and read the comments at the bottom of the page.

or Always
or Usually
or Never 
Do you like to try new things?
 3  2  1
Are you comfortable using a computer?
 2  1
Do you usually meet deadlines–both those you set and those set by others? Do you plan projects with enough time that you don’t have to rush to finish them?
 3  2  1
 Can you make time in your weekly schedule to spend the equivalent of one full-day seminar on coursework and activities? Can you do it for each week of the online course?  3  2  1
Have you had positive experiences participating in online forums or listserves?
 3  2  1
Do you find class discussions helpful?
 3  2  1
Are you willing to learn from others--experts, teachers, and classmates alike?  3  2  1
Do you enjoy thinking about--and sharing with others--your own experiences?
 3  2  1
 Will you miss the experience of sitting in a classroom?
 1  2  3







Add up your score.
12 or below:  An FAIC online course probably is not for you
13-20:  Although you might find the course tough going at times, online learning is worth a try.
18-25:  We think you’ll find an FAIC online course very rewarding.

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