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Instructor: Holly Robertson
Registration Fee: AIC Members $200; Non-members $300
Anyone running a conservation practice or laboratory deals with information in multiple formats, from treatment reports on paper to documentation photos on film and client correspondence via email. How can you quickly access treatment files from twelve years ago? If an object you’ve conserved becomes part of a court case, will you be able to comply with records subpoenas and discovery requests, and protect yourself from liability? Can you use a documentation photo from a recent treatment in your new brochure? Do you need to keep your electricity bill from 1983 or your bank statement from 2001? What do you do with that stack of conservation literature in the corner?  Taking the time now to create a system to manage your records will save you time, money, and aggravation in the future. 
By taking this course, you will learn to:

Assess the records you have and what you need to manage them
Develop systems to maintain conservation treatment documentation as well as business records
Understand the benefits and drawbacks of “going digital”
Improve your operations and productivity
Create strategies to reduce—or live with—mess
Identify what records you can get rid of (and when)
Preserve your vital records, even if a disaster strikes
Online discussion forums allow you to draw on the combined experience of other participants as well as the course facilitators. Best of all, “Records and Information Management for Conservation” comes to you. All you need is a computer with Internet access and you are ready to learn. 
“Records and Information Management for Conservation” is a four-week course. The course will begin on Thursday, July 29, and continue, with new activities and discussions each week, through August 26. The instructor, Holly Robertson, will guide discussions and offer tips and resources beyond what you find on the course site. You may work on the course at any time within each week.

Time Requirements
Expect to spend at least six hours per week on the course – roughly the equivalent of attending a full-day workshop each week. You will use this time to view videos, read supplemental materials, and to read and respond to the work of others in the course. You choose when, according to your own schedule--at noon during your lunch break, in the evening with a cup of coffee by your side, or at six in the morning in your favorite jammies. (Although the timing of your participation is flexible, we have found that participants have difficulty keeping up with the course during extended trips.)

Is Distance Learning Right for You?
We’re glad you asked! We all learn in different ways. The last page of this document contains a short quiz to see if this type of course is a good match for your learning style.

Technical Requirements
No special hardware or software is needed for this course. An internet connection and a reasonably up-to-date browser (Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari) are all that is required. 

The fee for this course is $200 for AIC members, $300 for non-members. To register, complete and return the registration form, which is available on the AIC website or from the AIC office. The registration deadline is August 2 , 2010. Participants will be accepted in order of receipt of paid registration. Enrollment is limited, so early registration is advised.

About the Instructor
Holly Robertson received her MSIS from the University of Texas at Austin, with a Certificate in Conservation Studies. She interned at Harvard College Libraries and worked at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Georgia Libraries before joining the University of Virginia Library as Preservation Librarian in 2005. She has created online tutorials and provided classroom training to empower student use of technology tools for conservation and librarianship. 

About the Series
“Records and Information Management for Conservation” is part of FAIC’s online education series, “Business and Management Practices for Conservators.” Funded by a grant from The Getty Foundation, the series covers basic business skills with a focus on the requirements of the conservation community. 

Course Content: Holly Robertson and Mary Cooper Instructional Design: Roberta Westwood Project Management: Eric Pourchot Hosting and Course Support: iCohere Contributors and Reviewers: Beth Heller, Shannon Phillips, Sarah Lowengard, Nancy Schrock

Thanks to Holly Maxson, Joyce Hill Stoner, E. Richard McKinstry, and Donald S. Skupsky for permission to use their materials in this course. Special thanks to Mary Cooper and Nancy C. Schrock.

This course was created with funding from the Getty Foundation. It is presented with funding from the FAIC Endowment for Professional Development, which is supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and by gifts from members and friends of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

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