FAIC ONLINE: Professional Responsibility for Conservation

FAIC is pleased to offer an online course to help conservators with the ethical decisions and priorities encountered in the field of conservation. “Professional Responsibility for Conservation” provides readings, case studies, and discussions to get you thinking and planning. This online seminar will be a forum to consider and discuss a broad range of ethical issues in conservation of art and historic artifacts. The topics will address a mixture of issues, including questions regularly confronted in all conservation practices as well as more specialized ones.

Online discussion forums allow you to draw on the combined experience of other participants, the course facilitator, and select outside experts. Best of all, “Professional Responsibility” comes to you. All you need is a computer with Internet access and you are ready to learn.

About the Course
“Professional Responsibility” is a four-week course. The course will begin on Thursday, September 11, and continue, with new activities and discussions each week, through October 8. The course site will remain available for reference and downloads for two weeks after the course ends. The instructor, Sarah Lowengard, will guide discussions and offer tips and resources beyond what you find on the course site. You may work on the course at any time within each week. 

What the course will cover: 

The case studies and readings focus on topics selected from: 
• Responsibility to the object 
• Responsibility to clients 
• Responsibility to other professionals/colleagues 
• Responsibility to students/employees 
• Responsibility to the public 
• Responsibility to the profession 
Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 
• Understand the relationship between professional responsibility and ethical behavior 
• Recognize current standards of ethical behavior in three areas of conservation 
• Identify a situation where understanding of ethics played a role in their own professional life 
• Recognize the history of responsible decision-making in conservation

Time Requirements:

Expect to spend at least six hours per week on the course – roughly the equivalent of attending a full-day workshop each week. You will use this time to complete exercises, and to read and respond to the work of others in the course. You choose when, according to your own schedule--at noon during your lunch break, in the evening with a cup of coffee by your side, or at six in the morning in your favorite jammies. (Although the timing of your participation is flexible, we have found that participants have difficulty keeping up with the course during extended trips.) 

Is Distance Learning Right for You?
We’re glad you asked! We all learn in different ways. The next page contains a short quiz to see if this type of course is a good match for your learning style. 

Technical Requirements:
PC or Mac with Internet access. 
Browser:  if using Microsoft Windows, you will need MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator 6.2 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Apple MacIntosh, you will need Netscape Navigator 6.2 or higher, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. 
Technical support for the course portal will be available (by email or phone) while the class is in session.

The fee for this course is normally $200 for AIC members, $300 for non-members. To register, complete and return the registration form, which is available on the AIC website or from the AIC office. 
The registration deadline is September 9, 2008. Participants will be accepted in order of receipt of paid registration. Enrollment is limited, so early registration is advised.

About the Facilitator:
Sarah Lowengard, Ph.D., has more than twenty years’ teaching experience in both formal university classrooms and informal education programs. She has developed, taught, or led courses, workshops, and tutorials in art conservation, collections care, history, academic research and materials analysis. A private-practice art conservator since 1979, she initiated the Conservation Course Syllabus Web pages for Conservation OnLine and served on the AIC Education and Training Committee.

About the Series:
“Professional Responsibility” is part of FAIC’s online education series, “Business and Management Practices for Conservators.” Funded by The Getty Foundation, the series offers basic business skills with a focus on the requirements of the conservation community. 

Course Content: Sarah Lowengard
Instructional Design: Roberta Westwood
Project Management: Eric Pourchot
Hosting and Course Support: iCohere
Contributors and Reviewers: Eric Alstrom, Jenny Barnett, Alex Carlisle, Cheryl Carraba, Patricia Ewer, Corinna Hermann, Helena Jaeschke, Paul Himmelstein,  Linn Kennedy, Lyn Koehnline, Michael Meredith, Pamela Najar, Ingrid Neuman, Valeria Orlandini, Patsy Orlofsky, Michele Phillips, Leni Potoff, Jean Portell, Linda Roundhill, George Schwartz. 

This course was created with funding from the Getty Foundation. It is presented with funding from the FAIC Endowment for Professional Development, which is supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and by gifts from members and friends of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

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