FAIC Collections Emergency Response Training

April 25-29, 2011, in Houston, Texas
March 28-April 1, 2011, in San Diego, California

Candidates are now being sought to participate in the FAIC Collections Emergency Response Training (AIC-CERT) program, funded by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.  A four-and-a-half day workshop on emergency response will be offered in two locations in 2011 for conservators and allied professionals.

Who Are the Instructors
Instructors include M.J. Davis, Barbara Moore, Theresa Voellinger, Monona Rossol, Chris Stavroudis, and representatives from local emergency response agencies and national disaster recovery companies.  Aimee Primeaux is the FAIC Project Manager.

What You Will Learn
The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to support an advanced training program for conservators and allied professionals that will add approximately 40 new “collections emergency response team” members to the existing group of 60 AIC-CERT responders.  Candidates will be trained to assess damage and initiate salvage of cultural collections after a disaster has occurred. Participants will be selected to bring expertise in a variety of specialties and will be trained to a high level in emergency response procedures, damage assessment methods, salvage techniques, and the organization and management of a recovery operation. In return for training, they will be expected to make a committed effort to respond to an emergency when requested by FAIC. Thus, a force of conservators and other museum professionals trained in the same body of knowledge, to the same level, and using the same methods, will be available to work together on short notice to assess damage and to organize and carry out initial salvage operations for institutions holding collections.

Where You Will Train
Training will take place through a four-and-a-half day Advanced Training Workshop in Emergency Response and Salvage that will be conducted in two locations during 2011.  The workshops will be hosted by Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in Texas and by the Balboa Art Conservation Center in San Diego, California.  There is no registration fee required for the training, and participants will receive support for travel, hotel, and meals.

Who Should Apply
The collections emergency response team will be drawn from conservation, library, archive, and museum professionals. Those who accept training will be expected to make a serious commitment to the program.  They will be required, before the start of the workshop, to complete FEMA’s on-line course, “Incident Command System” (ICS-100, available at http://training.fema.gov/IS/crslist.asp).  Before individuals can participate in an actual response, they will need to participate in respirator fit tests, supply personal equipment as needed, such as their own respirator, boots, clothing, laptop computer, digital camera, and personal items, and maintain recommended immunizations. Participants must also be willing to make a committed effort to respond to an emergency when requested by FAIC.   FAIC can normally support travel costs for responders at large-scale disaster sites.

What You Will Receive
On completion of the workshop and proof of compliance with the additional requirements, participants will receive an AIC Collections Emergency Response Team ID badge and a “go-pack” consisting of basic response supplies and equipment, and a reflective vest with the AIC-CERT logo.

How to Apply
Selection of participants will be made on a competitive basis.  To apply, please fill out the FAIC Collections Emergency Response Training Application or contact Abigail Choudhury at 202-661-8070; faicgrants@conservation-us.org.

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