Connecting to Collections (C2C) Care Online Community Webinars

The Connecting
o Collections (C2C) Care Online Community brings you quality resources, dynamic training, and active communications with the goal of improving collections care for smaller cultural institutions. C2C Care helps smaller museums, libraries, archives, and historical societies get answers to collections care questions, quickly locate reliable preservation resources, and connect staff members to a network of their colleagues. Access to all of the information, resources, and webinars in the C2C Care Online Community is free. The site is managed by the FAIC with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Upcoming Connecting to Collections Care Webinars

How to Participate

To participate in a webinar, you only need to sign up for that particular webinar. However, if you want to ask a question or participate in C2C Care discussions, you will be prompted to register.

Recordings of all previous webinars and courses from both Connecting to Collections Care and their predecessor, Connecting to Collections, in the site’s archives.