Recently AIC conducted a survey of its members about potential themese for future Annual Meetings. Following are some of the highlights.

Question 1

What is your level of interest in the following three potential themes for the 2011 Annual Meeting or future meetings?

When we combine the High Interest and the Moderate Interest response categories, the theme New Advancements in Conservation Science received the highest rating, followed closely by Conservation Education/Outreach. There was some concern expressed by architecture conservators that a theme focusing on contemporary art would not be relevant to them.


When responses to this question were filtered by number of Annual Meetings attended the results remained fairly uniform. However, of those respondents reporting that they had never been to an Annual Meeting, close to 63% said they had a high interest in the New Advancements in Conservation Science theme.

Question 2

Please rank the following themes by the level of interest to you.

Again, the New Advancements in Conservation Science and Conservation Education/Outreach themes are nearly tied for 1st choice. Advancements in Conservation Science received the fewest 3rd choice responses.


Filtering once again by the number Annual Meetings attended yielded similar results to those seen in Question 1, with the Advancements in Conservation Science theme being favored by those who have attended fewer meetings, and Conservation Education/Outreach being the preferred choice of those who have attended more meetings.

Question 3

What themes not mentioned here do you think would make for an informative and thought-provoking General Session?

There were many good suggestions from the survey respondents. Following is a list of suggested themes.




Beyond treatment: new directions for conservation professionals.


How-to and hand's on talks vs. theory.


New/Unusual/Innovative treatment solutions


Conservation Education in the 21st Century


Ethics, practical approaches to treatment.


Making do with less -  Treatments on a budget


Green Conservation


Making do with less - Conservation in a Troubled Economy


Funding for conservation.


Re-visiting past treatments how to manage damage


No Theme - Best of Etc.


Interdisciplinary Treatments


Preservation Management- Risk Assessment Models


When to "let it go."  Do we have to save everything? 


Conservation Theory and Methodology—what are the underlying principles of the profession and how have they changed over the past decades


Conservation Theory vs. Conservation Practice


technical studies in art materials


Digital Documentation


What effect will advances in computer technology (Digital photography, electronic paper, digital forensics, etc.) have on conservation?


How Other cultures approach to conservation? How can we make conservation available to poorer nations


The Ivory Tower vs. Fieldwork:  How conservators with means and those without tackle the same problems and work to successful solutions.


Conservation management -successful approaches to integrate conservation in a museum operation?


Environmental standards


Conservation of "over-size" objects


Conservation for exhibitions


Conservation Ideas for People and Institutions on a Limited Budget.


The importance of conservation to the public. Educating them to the necessity of preserving our artifacts for future generation


Marketing tips for small conservation firms.


Co-meeting with scholar and art historian and art students


Specialty Group collaboration (what we can learn from each other)


Working with Living Artists


AIC's interaction with other professions


Technical Art History


Assigning value/priorities/selection for treatment


Conservation review in the process of making public art


Public perception of conservation, AIC perception and role in the international community, The conservator as a educator in the local community


How do conservation practices differ in an archive, museum, library, private practice?


Strategic planning for collections preservation management, are we there yet?


Repatriation of art


Museum Environments- Construction of Collections-Based Facilities


Critical research needs in conservation


Caring for Public Art: Responsibility, Funding and Implementation


A Global Perspective on Conservation Today


New advancements in Preventive Conservation


Conserving digital ephemera


Hazardous materials in all types of collections and conservation materials used in the profession.


Adhesives in Conservation


New Approaches in Practical Conservation. 


The role of restoration in the conservation process


History of Conservation - Conservation approaches and assumptions


How the "broken window theory" applies to conservation and to civilization.


Disaster Mitigation


Sustainable Conservation - Fiscal, ecological, and ethical


Conservation Communication, reaching beyond Specialty Groups to spread ideas.


Conservation treatments that changed the interpretation of an object or theory-work that really made a difference to other fields


Perspectives in application of contemporary scientific instrumentation and procedures to conservation analyses.


Traveling Exhibitions




Documentation: How Conservation keeps itself, past, present, future


How conservators can connect to each other


Conservation Practices today: What influences change and innovation and how are we headed?


Traditional craftsmanship of antiques


"Putting it all together":  Collaborations between conservators, scientist and art historians.


How to deal with the unions!!!


Asian Art/East meets West


Question 4

If you have attended at least one Annual Meeting, please indicate the impact of the following factors in your decision to attend:

The survey revealed that Annual Meeting theme is an important contributing factor to annual meeting attendance, though generally not a major one. Specialty group talks and location affordability both ranked as major factors in the decision to attend an Annual Meeting. Not surprisingly, cost is less of a factor the more Annual Meetings you have attended.


Question 5

I have been an AIC Member for:

The survey yielded responses from a wide variety of AIC members.


Question 6

I have been to roughly ______ Annual Meetings:

The survey received many responses from those who have been to 10 or fewer meetings. On a positive note, 73% of those who responded that they had never attended an annual meeting have only been members for 1-3 years.


Question 7

Which of these recent Annual Meetings have you attended? Please check all that apply.

The survey answers match up with overall attendance at the various Annual Meetings.


Question 8

My pattern of attending the Annual Meeting is:

Of those who have attended Annual Meetings, the majority attend regularly.

Future Meeting Themes Survey Highlights