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All prices below are in USD.

Event    Date   Time   Price
 A Taste of the World Fair: Food and Architecture Walking Tour with Tastings
 Approaches to the Conservation of Contemporary Murals
   5/28    9am-5pm
 Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Construction and Exhibit Design Drawings
   5/28    9am-5pm
 Tools and Techniques for UV/Visible Fluorescence Documentation
   5/28    10am-5pm    $169
 Out Damn Spot: An Exploration of Chelating Agents and Alternative Methodologies for Removing or Reducing Staining in Paper
   5/28    10:30am-5pm    $349
 An Afternoon at the University of Chicago with Reception at the Smart Art Museum with Robie House
   5/28    12:30-8pm    $80
 An Afternoon at the University of Chicago with Reception at the Smart Art Museum WITHOUT Robie House
   5/28    12:30-8pm    $65
 Devil in the White City Tour    5/28    2-6pm    $59
 Chicago History in Stone: Rosehill Cemetery Walking Tour    5/28    2:30-5:30pm    $39
 A Gilded Afternoon: A Visit to the Richard H. Driehaus Museum with Wine Reception    5/28    4-6pm    $59
 Chicago Bridge Walking Tour    5/28    4-6pm    $25
 River North Walking Tour and Pub Crawl    5/28    4-6:30pm    $25
 Building Emergency Response Skills    5/29    8:30am-12:30pm    $89
 The Essential Frank Lloyd Wright: Home and Studio, Oak Park, and Bach House    5/29    8:30am-6pm    $95
 Examining the Composition and Structure of Digital Collection Objects    5/29    9am-4:30pm    $169
 Illumination of Collections: Optimization of the Visual Experience    5/29    9am-5pm     $169
 Preservation on a Budget    5/29    9am-5pm    $169
 The Art of Breakfast at the Union League Club    5/29    9am-12pm    $35
 Chicago History in Stone: Graceland Cemetery Walk
 5/29    9:30am-12:30pm    $39
 Historic Skyscrapers Walking Tour    5/29
   10am-12pm    $25
 Glessner House Museum and Historic Parrie Avenue Walk    5/29    12:30-5:30pm    $45
 CIPP Seminar    5/29
   1-5pm    $49
 Chicago Modern Architecture Walking Tour    5/29
   1-3pm    $25
 Effectively Using Portable IR and Raman Instruments for Art Object Analysis    5/29    1-3:30pm    $89
 Walking with Giants: The Sculptures of Lincoln Park    5/29    1-3pm    $25
 Art Deco and Decadence Walking Tour    5/29    2:30-5pm    $25
 Eastland Disaster: An Augmented Reality Walking Tour
 5/29    4-6pm    $25
 A Facilitated Conversation about Inclusion & Equity in Conservation & Preservation
 5/29    5:30-9:30pm    $0
 Architecture River Cruise    5/29    6:30-9pm    $49
 Protecting the World's Cultural Heritage: Identifying and Protecting Looted Artifacts Lunch    5/30    12:30-2pm    $39
 Guest Ticket for Opening Reception    5/30    6:30-9:30pm    $69
 Asbestos Safety and Current Practices in Cultural Properties Lunch
   5/31    12-2pm    $39
 Objects Specialty Group Tips Luncheon    6/1    12-2pm    $29/$49
 Art Deco Skyscrapers Walk    6/1    5-7pm    $25
 Chicago Bridge Walk    6/1    5-7pm    $25
 Saints and Serenity Tour: Sacred Spaces and Millennium Park Walk    6/1    5-7pm    $25
 The Secret Lives of Bars    6/1    5-8pm    $25
 Hamilton Tickets    6/1    7-10pm    $90-185
 Behind the Scenes at the Art Institute of Chicago    6/2    8:30am-12:30pm    $29
 Crab Tree Farm: An Arts and Crafts Furniture Experience    6/2    8:30am-1pm    $39
 Frank Lloyd Wright: Robie House and Rookery    6/2    8:30am-12:30pm    $49
 National Museum of Mexican Art: Behind the Scenes and Collections Tour    6/2    9:30am-1pm    $25
 The Field Museum: Anthropology Labs and Storage    6/2    9:30am-1pm    $29