Whose Cultural Heritage? Whose Conservation Strategy? A Pre-session Symposium

Wednesday, May 30 • 8:30 am to 4:15 pm, $99 including lunch

Be part of AIC’s first symposium on diversity, equity, inclusion and access in cultural heritage preservation. The symposium will be divided into two parts. 

Part One will focus on the changing ways that museums and conservators are engaging with the diverse communities from which their collections originate. Sessions include:

  • A panel focusing on new resources to assist conservators and collection care specialists in working collaboratively with Native American communities. The panel will also focus on collaborative conservation case studies from the National Museum of the American Indian  
  • A discussion of a recent survey on the effectiveness of Australian museums outreach efforts to the Aboriginal community.
  • A Case Study Lighting Round – hear how four different organizations engaged with diverse communities

Part Two will focus on barriers to promoting a more diverse workforce in cultural heritage conservation and how can they be overcome. What success stories are out there and how can they be reproduced. Sessions include:

  • A review of the findings of the July – Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey which confirms a lack of diversity within the conservation field. Learn about some of the programs designed to foster diversity within the field
  • A discussion of the WUDPAC research study to assess the WUDPAC curriculum content and delivery through a multicultural lens 
  • A panel of colleagues shares their individual journeys and discusses the obstacles they faced in becoming part of the conservation community.

This program will be highly interactive as well as informative. Read a complete listing of talks and abstracts.

For additional programming on these topics, don't miss our "Houston 2018: Storytelling as Preservation" event, organized by Untold Stories.
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