Closing Session: Learning from Our Mistakes

A Failure Shared is Not a Failure: Learning from Our Mistakes

Please join us for a new Annual Meeting event: "A failure shared is not a failure: learning from our mistakes.”

AIC members from all specialty groups are invited to attend and participate in this Mistakes closing session from 4:30-6pm on Saturday, June 2nd. We will gather and share our cautionary tales, including treatment errors, mishaps and accidents, with the idea of helping our colleagues not to repeat them. We’ve received an encouraging number of submissions so far and would like more!

"Mistakes Were Made" is a regular feature at the American Alliance of Museums conference, and our conservation colleagues across the pond in the Independent Paper Conservators' Group are hosting a lecture "Conservation Confidential” with similar intentions.

Participants can speak for up to 5 minutes or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, a reader will be happy to present your tale for you. If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting but would like to submit a tale to be read by one of our organizers or a colleague, please reach out.

PowerPoint projection for images/video will be available (16:9 format), and a Dropbox folder is available for submissions. Please also bring your presentation on a USB Drive (encouraged). Time permitting, audience members inspired by their colleagues will be welcome to present. If appropriate (and acceptable to the speaker), the floor will be opened up for questions and discussion following presentations. Extra points for suggesting safeguards and solutions!

Please note that this is a forum for sharing personal mistakes and solutions only. Participants are requested not to name other persons, organizations, or work places, and avoid politics—institutional, national, and global!

The event will include a cash bar, so come, relax & unwind, share, laugh, groan, and learn. We plan to publish the event for those who wish to be included. If you are interested in participating, or have questions about the event, please contact Tony Sigel or Rebecca Gridley by May 28th. Please include 2-3 quick sentences introducing your topic and indicate whether you plan to use a PowerPoint with images and/or video.

Attendee and members can reach out to Tony and Rebecca via the member and meeting communities.