Download the 2015 Registration BrochureThe theme for AIC's 43rd Annual Meeting in Miami, FL May 13-16, 2015 is Practical Philosophy or Making Conservation Work. All aspects of conservation, from preventive care to in-painting, include both theory and practice. In most cases, theory supports practice. Nonetheless, conservation professionals are sometimes challenged in their efforts to smoothly meld the two. Many factors, ranging from available resources to questions of public access and politics, can thwart even the best treatment plans and noblest intentions. The transition from what we initially envision as ideal to what we eventually acknowledge as realistic often requires compromise. But, are less than satisfactory outcomes inevitable? Or, can better solutions evolve from necessity? Presentations will discuss how philosophical principles can be successfully translated into workable - even superior - practice.

Because UNESCO has proclaimed 2015 the International Year of Light, the Program Committee is also interested in presentations that discuss practical solutions that take advantage of optical technology to examine and preserve cultural heritage.  These submissions will receive special recognition on the final program.  Prospective presenters are encouraged to explore for further ideas by reading the UNESCO International Year of Light Prospectus .

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Here are just some of the comments we've heard from past Annual Meeting attendees:

"Excellent presentations!"

"The relevance and the wide range of the lecture program (I often wished to be able to clone myself to attend different lectures simultaneously...) Many Thanks to all the organizers !!"

"Excellent papers overall. One of the best meetings that I've ever attended."

"I was very happy to attend and happy that [AIC] does the meetings. Great experience."

"It was an outstanding meeting. I was only able to attend two days, but all arrangements were splendid and the talks of a high caliber.

"The AIC staff was friendly and helpful from the moment I met some new faces at the registration counter and throughout the conference. The conference seemed to run very smoothly…"

"The informal and approachable way the conference adopts makes the experience relaxed but very informative."

"Great, as usual."

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Annual Meeting in Pictures

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Miami in Video

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Miami Fun Facts

Miami Beach’s Art Deco District contains the world’s largest collection of Art Deco Architecture (800+ buildings)
  1. Miami Beach’s Art Deco District contains the world’s largest collection of Art Deco Architecture (800+ buildings)
  2. Miami Beach is home to one of the largest snow skiing clubs in the United States
  3. Miami is the Wreckreational Diving Capital of the World, containing Miami over 50 diveable wreck sites—such as ships, oil platforms, army tanks and the Spirit of Miami Boeing 727 jet-- sunken to provide artificial reefs for marine life.
  4. Miami Beach was dubbed the Sun and Fun Capital by Jackie Gleason when he broadcast his show here in the 1960s. Today Miami Beach is known as America’s Riviera and the Latin Hollywood.
    Miami Beach is a man-made island that was once a Coconut Grove Plantation.
  5. Julia Tuttle, -- the "Mother of Miami" -- convinced Standard Oil co-founder Henry Flagler to extend his railroad from central Florida to Miami, build a luxury hotel, and lay out a new town. She did so by sending him perfect Miami orange blossoms during a crop freeze north of Miami. The railroad arrived in 1896. The City of Miami was incorporated on July 28 that same year.
  6. Miami is home to the world’s only Everglades eco-system, made famous in Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’ book The River of Grass.
  7. Miami is home to 150+ ethnicities and 60+ languages
  8. The popular television series “Miami Vice” made its debut in 1984. Memorable films made in Miami include: “Something About Mary,” “The Birdcage,” “Goldfinger,” “Scarface,” “True Lies,” “2 Fast 2Furious,” “Bad Boys,” “Bad Boys 2” and “Out of Sight.”