No longer focusing exclusively on treatment, conservation professionals today routinely incorporate preventive measures into the care of cultural heritage. Coupled with the awareness that our work takes place within the larger context of an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable global environment, we have become more dedicated to the issue of sustainability. The new Collections Care Network and the Sustainability Committee are combining forces to develop a program for 2014 under the theme Conscientious Conservation – Sustainable Choices in Collection Care, which will explore how these two concepts are changing the way we practice conservation. Are you working on a collection care project that incorporates issues of sustainability?  Share your expertise with your colleagues!  Topics can range from architectural projects to re-housing and storage, approaches to archaeological excavations, collection maintenance practices, or recycling and efficiencies in your own private practice.

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"Excellent papers overall. One of the best meetings that I've ever attended."

"I was very happy to attend and happy that [AIC] does the meetings. Great experience."

"It was an outstanding meeting. I was only able to attend two days, but all arrangements were splendid and the talks of a high caliber.

"The AIC staff was friendly and helpful from the moment I met some new faces at the registration counter and throughout the conference. The conference seemed to run very smoothly…"

"The informal and approachable way the conference adopts makes the experience relaxed but very informative."

"Great, as usual."

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San Francisco Fun Facts

Golden Gate Park Aerial
Soon after the Golden Gate Park opened in 1890, John McLaren, the park's designer added a free-range zoo that was home to elk, bears, goats, and buffalo. The buffalo are the only ones that remain.
  1. Makoto Hagiwara created the "fortune cookie" They were handmade of a light dough flavored with vanilla and butter. The fortune was folded and put inside while the cookie was still hot. They were served for the first time at the Tea House in 1914 and soon became an integral part of the Tea House experience. Hagiwara shared the receipe with the San Francisco bakery, Benkyodo which invented a machine to bake and fold in the fortune and for them and supplied the cookies for the Tea House. Makoto Hagiwara maintained the Tea House and gardens from 1895 until 1942 when they were forced to evacuate their homes and move into internment camps. along with approximately 120,000 other Japanese Americans, When the war was over, the Hagiwara family was not allowed to return to their home at the tea garden and in subsequent years, many Hagiwara family treasures were removed and the garden fell into ruin, and new additions were made.
  2. Denim jeans were invented in San Francisco for the Gold Rush miners who needed tough, comfortable clothing
  3. Irish coffee was invented in San Francisco.
  4. Francis Ford Coppola famously wrote large portions of The Godfather Trilogy in Caffe Trieste, the first San Francisco coffee shop, established in 1956
  5. There are over three hundred coffee houses within the city boundaries of San Francisco.
  6. The original United Nations charter was drafted and signed in San Francisco.
  7. Al Capone spent five years in prison in Alcatraz.
  8. The original Spanish name for San Francisco was Yerba Buena, meaning "good herb"or"good grass".
  9. Nicknames include "Baghdad by the Bay", coined by columnist Herb Caen, and "The City that Knows How".
  10. The first plans of the city were drawn by Jean-Jacques Vioget (Swiss) and Jasper O' Farell ( Irish)

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