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AIC maintains a presence online using more than just this website. We offer many ways to connect and find conservation content, including our:

For more information about our online or digital resources, visit the Resources section of this website.

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In addition to these AIC-based resources many conservators are active in social media and create interesting blogs, twitter feeds, videos, and more. Museum, archive, and library conservation departments also share their work online. This content can serve as an introduction to conservation in general as well as provide insight into the opportunities and challenges our conservation professionals face on a regular basis. Explore these social media links below and enjoy learning more about the conservation community!

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Tumblr Feeds

Conservator and active social media presence Suzy Morgan maintains several lists at her Tumblr Conserve This! A few examples:
For a complete list visit:

Twitter Lists

(Lists of people to follow about particular subjects, created by users)

Conservation Blogroll

The AIC Blog Conservators Converse maintains a "Blogroll" -- a list of related blogs about conservation practice. These blogs have been created by museums, conservation practices, and more. When you visit the blog and read any post, the blog roll will appear on the right side of the page.

Conservation Videos

Article(s) on outreach

This article about outreach using social media appeared in AIC News in early 2015. Read for great insights into the many ways to share professional content. Suzy Morgan has also created a list of conservators active in social media. If you would like to add yourself to her list, visit her Tumblr page

*Please note that these external sources are not vetted or endorsed by AIC. Contact Katelin Lee with content for AIC's social media outlets, or Bonnie Naugle with links that should be included on this page.