About Conservation

Caring for your Treasures

Guides for Taking Care of Your Personal Heritage

Proper care and maintenance of your family heirlooms and works of art will ensure that they are available for future generations to enjoy. To help you better care for your personal heritage, we have developed these guides for caring for you treasures.

A guide for caring for many types of structures...
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A guide for caring for your books
html version | pdf version

Glass and Ceramics
A guide for caring for your jewelry, dolls, sculpture...
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Documents & Works of Art on Paper
A guide for caring for your manuscripts, prints, etc...
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A guide for caring for your furniture... 
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Home Videotape
A guide for caring for your home videotape... 
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Metal Objects
A guide for caring for your tools, jewelry, tableware... 
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A guide for caring for your canvas and panel paintings... 
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A guide for caring for your family photos and negatives...
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A guide for caring for your quilts, costumes, samplers, flags, christening gowns, etc...
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Matting and Framing
A guide for matting & framing documents & art on paper... 
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More Resources
Books from other respected organizations and individuals... 
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When to Consult a Conservator

If further advice or conservation treatment is needed, contact a professional conservator. Conservators combine in-depth knowledge of science and art with extensive practical experience to care for and preserve art objects, artifacts, and other items of cultural and historic value.

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