Fellowships are paid term positions, generally lasting 1-3 years, designed specifically for recent graduates of conservation masters programs. Fellows participate actively in the operations of the conservation department, learn from more experienced colleagues, and complete advanced conservation treatments. Fellowships may also include a research component.

Career Path: Fellowships provide an opportunity for recent graduates of conservation programs to gain important work experience. Many fellows also complete and publish a research paper, which can enhance their profile within the field.

Find An Opportunity: Fellowships are typically advertised on the Conservation DistList. Some institutions have recurring, grant-funded fellowships, while others may apply for Kress Foundation funding through the FAIC. More information on Kress fellowships is available HERE.

Contract/Project Positions

From time to time, conservation departments may receive grant or institutional funding to complete a specific project. In these cases, a term position may be advertised. These positions are typically focused on the specific project at hand, and compared to fellowships, may provide more depth of experience in a particular area, but less breadth of experience with the entire range of activities undertaken within a conservation lab. Depending on the project, this type of position may or may not provide opportunities for research and/or publication, but unlike a fellowship, generally does not have an educational focus.

Career Path: Term positions provide conservators with professional-level work experience.

Find An Opportunity: Term positions are advertised on the Conservation DistList.

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