Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) Program

With funding from IMLS, FAIC is beginning the process to hire two CAP staff members and create the CAP Steering Committee. New forms and procedures will be developed in the coming months in consultation with IMLS, and assessments will begin in 2017. Program updates will be provided regularly. 

Upcoming Deadlines

• Elections - April 15
• PA/Fellow Applications - May 1
• Scholarships - May 15

Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

Every day, the vision of artists, the identity of peoples, and the very existence of history all threaten to disappear. Left alone, old buildings will crumble. The Declaration of Independence will disintegrate. The photographed faces of battle-weary Civil War soldiers will fade away...

Preserving this cultural material is of paramount importance, but it still presents complex challenges to our society. Conservation professionals are those who embrace these challenges with passion, commitment and dedication. By melding art with science, conservation professionals protect our heritage, preserve our legacy, and ultimately, save our treasures for generations to come.

Future generations should not be deprived of knowing and understanding their history, because priceless artifacts were allowed to fall into disrepair.

How We Can Help You

Find useful information on conservation here. From guides on how to care for your treasures to guidelines on how to select a conservator and answers to many more questions you may have about conservation.

How You Can Help Us

Our past is under attack. Hundreds of millions of artifacts and historic structures are in need of conservation. Yet in these tough economic times, federal, state, and local budgets for collecting and cultural institutions facing cuts. 

Care for Your Treasures
Here is a series of guides designed to help you preserve objects in your personal collection:

Advocate for Conservation
Contact your elected officials and help elected officials understand the long-term value of protecting our cultural heritage. You can also: