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Mar 30, 2015
Lisa Barro covered new technical information about Satista paper and related topics on preservation of Paul Strand’s Satista prints at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.   At the beginning, Barro introduced Satista paper and informed the audience that the current research is building on the previous research presented at the 2003 PMG Winter Meeting, San […]
Mar 29, 2015
While he does not say that furniture restoration is so rarified a discipline that it is beyond contemplation by regular people, in  his profile of furniture restorer Miguel Saco (“Humbled by a Master’s Refinishing Touch”, The Wall Street Journal, March 18, 2015), trying to be clever, Ralph Gardner Jr. unfortunately implies that. With phrases like […]
Mar 29, 2015
In the March 21, 2015 issue of The New York Times, Elisabetta Povoledo reports (“Restoring the Ruins Once Wrought by Vesuvius”) that major restorations at the Villa of the Mysteries at Pompeii completed earlier this year and presented to the public on March 20th  have brought the colors of the frescoes and the mosaics back […]