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Mar 05, 2015
Are you an emerging conservator who wants to advocate for the interests of other emerging conservators? If so, then please consider one of the open officer positions on AIC’s Emerging Conservation Professionals Network: Vice Chair Professional Education and Training Officer Communications Officer Outreach Officer All positions will serve for a one year term, beginning in […]
Mar 03, 2015
As I recently wrote about on the Conservators Converse blog (, the AAM has formed a task force to better define the meaning of “direct care” in regard to deaccessioning. This issue has a direct impact on funding for preservation and conservation at museums.  Unfortunately, their task force did not include any conservators but now […]
Feb 26, 2015
On February 21 2015, Randy Kennedy reported in The New York Times ( “Two Unfinished Cezannes Discovered at the Barnes”) that, at the Barnes Collection, during the removal of acidic backings from watercolors by Paul Cezanne, previously unknown works were discovered on the backs of two of them. This occurred at the start of what will be […]