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Feb 26, 2015
On February 21 2015, Randy Kennedy reported in The New York Times ( “Two Unfinished Cezannes Discovered at the Barnes”) that, at the Barnes Collection, during the removal of acidic backings from watercolors by Paul Cezanne, previously unknown works were discovered on the backs of two of them. This occurred at the start of what will be […]
Feb 26, 2015
In his February 10, 2015 article on the dying art of kimono production on the island of Amami Oshima, Japan (“Old Ways Prove Hard to Shed, Even as Crisis Hits Kimono Trade”, The New York Times),  Martin Fackler describes in detail the labor intensive steps of that  craft. This is very helpful in explaining to the public […]
Feb 23, 2015
Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) Webinar: Presenting Talks and Posters Wednesday, March 11th at Noon EST Registration Page:  Click here to visit the registration page Conference season is quickly approaching!  If you are busy working on a poster or presentation, or even preparing for graduate school interviews, join the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) for […]